Service Issue - Linode Provisioning
Incident Report for Linode
As of 20:50 UTC Friday, all affected services have been fully restored. If you are still experiencing issues, please open a Support ticket for assistance.
Posted Jan 06, 2023 - 20:51 UTC
Our emergency maintenance is now complete, and the issue has now been resolved. All services have now been restored, and we are continuing to monitor for any lingering issues.

Please contact our Support team with any further issues.
Posted Jan 06, 2023 - 19:49 UTC
At 19:15 UTC today, Jan 6th, we will be performing emergency maintenance that will result in a full outage for a period of up to 1 hour.

During this maintenance, your Linodes and other services will still be available, however you will not be able to access the Cloud Manager or API during this maintenance period, and jobs like reboots, backups, etc. will not be able to process during this period.
Posted Jan 06, 2023 - 18:58 UTC
We are continuing to investigate the incident and are taking steps to address the performance issues detected by our administrators. Please see the bottom of this page for a list of services that this incident is affecting. As stated before, you may experience Gateway Timeout errors in Cloud Manager and API when performing actions, and you may also experience difficulties with logging into your account.
Posted Jan 06, 2023 - 18:08 UTC
Correction: The impact appears to be wider scope than just provisions. At this time, you may experience Gateway Timeout errors in Cloud Manager and API when performing any actions.
Posted Jan 06, 2023 - 16:52 UTC
We are currently investigating an issue where Linode creation is resulting in 502 gateway timeout errors. At this time, you may experience issues deploying new Linodes, Managed Database clusters, and LKE clusters.
Posted Jan 06, 2023 - 16:36 UTC
This incident affected: NodeBalancers (US-East (Newark) NodeBalancers, US-Central (Dallas) NodeBalancers, US-West (Fremont) NodeBalancers, US-Southeast (Atlanta) NodeBalancers, CA-Central (Toronto) NodeBalancers, EU-West (London) NodeBalancers, EU-Central (Frankfurt) NodeBalancers, AP-South (Singapore) NodeBalancers, AP-Northeast-2 (Tokyo 2) NodeBalancers, AP-West (Mumbai) NodeBalancers, AP-Southeast (Sydney) NodeBalancers), Linode Kubernetes Engine (US-East (Newark) Linode Kubernetes Engine, US-Central (Dallas) Linode Kubernetes Engine, US-West (Fremont) Linode Kubernetes Engine, CA-Central (Toronto) Linode Kubernetes Engine, EU-West (London) Linode Kubernetes Engine, EU-Central (Frankfurt) Linode Kubernetes Engine, AP-South (Singapore) Linode Kubernetes Engine, AP-Northeast-2 (Tokyo 2) Linode Kubernetes Engine, AP-West (Mumbai) Linode Kubernetes Engine, AP-Southeast (Sydney) Linode Kubernetes Engine, US-Southeast (Atlanta) Linode Kubernetes Engine), and Linode Manager and API, Hosted DNS Service, Managed Databases.